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RFID High Frequency Blocked Card

RFID High Frequency Blocked Card

RFID High Frequency blocked Card Size:85.5*54mm Thickness:1.35mm+-0.05mm Customize printing


Nowadays ,RFID used widely in storing the information with the bank cards , credentials
and so on , People can read the card’s information from NFC phone or other
readers without your permission when he is beside your body ,but luckily ,our RFID
blocked cards can stop this situation happened ,and you can keep your personal information safe from you cards.

RFID High Frequency blocked Card

RFID blocking card test for rfid high frequency smart card 

RFID blocking card test for UHF smart card 

Operating theory:
RFID High Frequency blocked Card means RFID signal blocked ,since our HF frequecny have much more wider ,we can block the frequency from 10Mhz to 20Mhz ,our FRID blocked cards can be read in priority when people want to steal your RFID cards’ information ,then your cards are out of being reading.

Using method:
Put RFID High Frequency blocked card together with your smart cards, e-bank card and passport,and the signal of your cards will be blocked ,the Criminals can not steal your information whatever reader they use. To protect your information save ,there have some requirement of the using environment.

Product Datasheet : 
Blocking distance:inside 10mm(depend on working condition)
Customize printing ,number printing.
Card Cube Group supply rfid blocking cards:
Our RFID Blocking Cards can help keep your credit Card and debit cards safe from radio waves and remote RFID scanning with the Blocking Card. Drawing energy from any RFID scanner within range, the Blocking Card instantly creates a surrounding electronic field making all 13.56MHz cards virtually invisible to RFID & NFC scanners.

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