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RFID Garbage Bin Tag

RFID Garbage Bin Tag

RFID Garbage Bin Tag Frequency:125kHz/13.56Mhz/UHF Material: ABS Customized printing logo


RFID Garbage Bin Tag

China Card Cube Group is RFID Garbage Bin Tag manufacturer and RFID Garbage Bin Tag suppliers,Our RFID Garbage Bin Tag factory in shenzhen china,Card Cube is your reliable business partner in RFID Garbage Bin Tag industry.

RFID Garbage Bin Tag used in Garbage Bin Tracking and Recording.

RFID Garbage Bin Tag

Product Description of Garbage Bins Rfid Tags

The waste bin tag is designed to fit inside the existing chip nest located in most residential type bins. The tag is designed to be read in multiple pick up orientations, The tag is suitable for side or rear lift applications. Card Cube’s Waste Bin Tag is available in LF 125 KHz, 13.56Mhz and UHF.

RFID Garbage Bin TagSpecification of Garbage Bins Rfid Tags:

• Diameter: 30.5mm 
• Thickness: 5.2mm 
• Frequency:LF: 125KHz, HF: 13.56MHz, UHF: 860~960MHz
• Color: Black 
• Material: ABS  
• Operating Temperature: -25 to +60 ℃ 
• Storage Temperature: -40 to +70 ℃ 
• Weight: 10g 
• Resistance: Harsh environment

Application of Garbage Bins Rfid Tags:

Waste Management

Optional Produce:

Laser Engraving 
Pad Printing

Additonal Crafts:

- Ink-jet printing Logos & Number
- Laser Serial Number, UID number 
- Chip encoding 
- Anti-metal layer
- 3M adhesive layer 
- Epoxy filling

Chip Avalible:

- 125Khz: EM4200, EM4102, TK100, EM4450, EM4305, ATA5577, ATA5567, T5557, HITAG 1, HITAG 2, HITAG S256, etc 
- 13.56Mhz: Classic S50 (1K), Classic S70 (4K), Classic Ultralight, Classic DESFire EV1 2K/4K/8K, I. CODE SLI, I. CODE SLI-L, I. CODE SLI-S, Classic 1K compatible, TI208 etc. 
- 860-960 MHz: H3 etc.

Garbage Bins Rfid Tags Use Guide:

(1) Easily to be screwed onto the specific area of the waste bin. With its robust housing, it could withstand the harsh environment under the daily operation. 
(2) The worm tag is especially designed to be applied onto bins. The tag works very well under harsh outdoor environments due to its solid exterior. The four mounting holes make it easy to attach the tag onto the item. 
(3) The Waste worm tag is special designed for the harsh high impact and chemical environments that appear in Waste Management

RFID Garbage Bin TagRFID Garbage Bin Tag Features
But low chip package(125KHz): TK4100,EM4200,T5577,Hitag 1,Hitag 2,Hitag S
High frequency chip encapsulation(13.56MHz): FM11RF08,Classic S50,Classic S70,Ultralight,NTAG213,I-CODE2,T12048,SR1512 etc.
Encapsulated chip UHF(860MHz-960MHz): UCODE GEN2,ALIEN H3,IM PINJM4 etc.
Application scope: Waste Management

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