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What’s The Definition Of RFID Sport Wristband?

RFID Sport Wristband Manufacturer

RFID Sport Wristband is used for identification in the field of entertainments.People also call it Sport Bracelet.

RFID Sport Wristband is distinguished from the other smart watch or medical wristband for patient management. The main function of RFID Wristband is IDENTIFICATION.

RFID Wristband shows up on some sports event or some activities. It plays a role of identifying each group or person. In other way it could be a ticket or drawing code for people get in to the event like Concert, Company Annual Meeting, Training Classes as well as a ticket for identify in the Zoo, Park, Amusement Park etc.

The Smart RFID Sport Wristband could be used as a tool for counting step, measuring heart rate and so on.

The material of RFID Sport Wristband:

1. Health& Safety Synthetic TPE+TPU.

2. Zinc alloy lock, electroplate and spray oil on the surface.

RFID Sport Wristband Specification:

1. Ergonomic design, Durable material, Moderate softness, comfortable wearing feeling.

2. Flexible, easy to wear, easy to use, waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof, and high temperature resistant.

3. Can be embedded with LF(Low Frequency 125KHz) Chip: TK4100、EM4200、EM4305、T5577 etc.

Can be embedded with HF(High Frequency 13.56MHz) Chip: FM11RF08、Mifare S50、Mifare S70、Ultralight、Ultralight C、I-CODE 2、NTAG213、NTAG215、NTAG216、NXP Plus 2K、NXP Plus 4K etc.

Can be embedded with HF(Ultra High Frequency 860MHz~960MHz) Chip: ALIEN H3、IMPINJ M4、NXP GEN2 etc.

4. Working temperature: -30℃~75℃

5. Application: Widely used on Campuses, Amusement Parks, Buses, Access Control Area etc.

RFID Sport Wristband 16 Color options:

White, Pink, Black, Purple, Orange, Blue, Cyan, DarkBlue, Khaki, Red, Orange-Red, Tangerine,yellow, green, Rose red, stone blue.

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