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UID RFID Smart Labels For RFID Document Tracking

Card Cube Group, announced availability of customizable UID RFID smart labels for document tracking, including a small IC chip and antenna. It is adhesive and can be integrated into RFID document tracking system.

This UHF RFID smart labels have a long-range readability of up to 5m-6m.Thus, with UHF RFID reader, the tagging documents can be found even if they are located in the wrong place.

With a guaranteed lifespan of more than ten years these RFID smart labels can be rewritten 100,000 times. The RFID smart labels memory can be customized to 1K or 4K which can lead to an enhanced visibility across the document tracking process.

And the RFID smart labels are encoded with a UID(unique ID) code, thus giving each tagging document its unique identifiers. Besides, you can even include a custom logo to them, and the RFID smart labels are rewriteable to allow compliance with ISO18000-6C and EPC Gen 2 standard.

Please visit for more infomation about UID RFID smart labels.

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