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Kalifang Smart Card Nigeria Election Peace Ended

Nigerian official announced: 2015 presidential election a success! States congratulated Nigeria completed a peaceful, fair and free presidential election post-election riots.

Nigeria, as Africa's most populous country, which is Africa's biggest economy. In order to prevent acts of fraud in the election and show impartiality and credibility. Nigeria's independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the presidential election in the year 2015 with biometric voters ' cards for the election, and voters ' cards for one-to-one verification. Using biometric fingerprints to identify voters, the first time on the African continent. Accurate, fast, scientifically credible ballot laid a solid foundation for the democratization process in Nigeria. To this end, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is expected to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nigeria's presidential election by using RFID and biometric technologies to identify the identity of voters that makes this election more fair, orderly and transparent, breaking the continent "every election will" Mojo of the high-tech weapon. Technology tools for the technology as a presidential election, which greatly increases the credibility of the election, reducing the possibility of election fraud, avoided the post-election riots. 2011 Nigerian presidential election, there were riots after the election, resulting in thousands of deaths. Using biometric technology to identify voters this election, brought credibility, of peace ended without casualties.

Africa independent television editor-in-Chief bide·kumuba told reporters at the voting scene: "fingerprint identification technology and the introduction of the card reader, this qualitative change in the elections in Nigeria, resulting in a win-win outcome. "Rave reviews not only in Nigeria, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and some other African countries have also expressed the wish to follow this practice, let violence and unrest on the African continent away, voters are no longer bleeding, makes elections more fair!

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