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IC Trading Card Check Recognition Card Management Solution

Technical goals:

(1) the IC card operator's certificate and information system integration of transit, by municipal transport information system and realization of IC card based on a database of transit operator's certificate issuance, modification, and other business functions;

(2) leverage handset for pavement inspection, auditing certain processing operations to the IC card operator's certificate, and store audit data, appropriate, handset connected to the municipal transport information system, uploading data;

(3) the settlement certificate forgery, operational vehicle deck and other more difficult issues to manage, through technical means the complete elimination of such violations from happening again; operating permits strong encryption of the IC card, make forgery impossible.

Scope of application:

IC card certificate applies to operational vehicle registration, payment, annual review, two-dimensional, driving skills, inspection, penalties and other lines of business.

IC card certificate type:

For the realization of IC card service licences operating mode, two types of IC card certificate should be introduced, namely trading cards, the IC card IC card certificate of non-trading.

IC card trading card mode of operation:

On the operator's certificate IC card has four categories of business types, counter acceptance, audit, technical evaluation of pavement, second-level maintenance; counter acceptance includes 8 business, issuing, changing, changing card, card replacement, cancellation, payment, annual review, penalties pavement inspection consists of 2 types of businesses, logs, in violation of law enforcement records. Will be discussed below. Following graph IC card operator's certificate of the operational framework.

Handset operation modes:

Handset is a shape similar to a Pocket PC to phone, where you can prepare some system functions to insert the IC cards for proper operation, enable offline stand-alone functions to address the road or away from the headquarters of a number of digital business needs.

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