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Fifth Anniversary Of Card Cube Group Concluded Successfully

How time flies,Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Technology Co.,Ltd has been there for 5 years! From its start to today's success, every step witnesses Card Cubers' hard-working. Know you for five years, stay with you for my life.

15th April,2017, the celebration of Card Cube's fifth anniversary was held in Shenzhen. Its CEO Mr.Leo and GM Mr.Sam reviewed the past five-year development of Card Cube, looked into new achievements in 2017, together with card cube family and also elites of this industry.

Card Cube Group CEO Leo

Card Cube Group CEO : Mr. Leo

Card Cube Group GM Sam

Card Cube Group GM : Mr. Sam

During the event, Mr. Leo reviewed Card Cube's five-year development, he showed appreciation to the company of friends from this industry and also the hard-working of his employees. The past year 2016 saw the most remarkable change of Card Cube. There won't be any development without front-line workers' hard working,there won't be today's Card Cube without front-line workers' joint effort. Mr.Sam looked back at the path of 2016, he gave recognition to 2016's achievements. "Trust simplifies everything", Card Cube goes step by step, climbing to new height every year.

Various splendid performances were a feast of seeing and hearing 

Talented Card Cube employees prepared their own performances, such as funny sketches, beautiful dancing,martial arts with great momentum,etc. Among the performances were lucky draws. The atmosphere was pushed high with every big prize.

Singing program In my singing

Singing program

Martial arts performance Chinese Shock

Martial arts performance

Sketch Kidnap



managerial elite

best supplier

Card Cube awarded a lot of honors to its employees, cooperative partners and suppliers,such as managerial elite, excellent employee, best supplier etc. The awarded were all excited and even moved to tears.

Happy Birthday to Card Cube Group

This get-together connects everyone. The anniversary ended in laughter, attendees understood Card Cubers' spirit "Trust simplifies everything".

Chorus:will be better tomorrow

Look back at the past five years, Card Cubers worked together, harvested together, look into the future,they fight for the same goal,move diligently. Tomorrow will be better,let's wait and see what Card Cube will achieve this year, and let's meet again at Card Cube's sixth anniversary!

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