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Development Of M2M Card Problems

Currently related M2M card of work main concentrated in above several aspects, in investigation each requirements of property and role Hou will found, package shape and hardware characteristics of main purposes is meet special industry special environment Xia M2M card of basic needs, guarantees M2M card of available sex and durable sex, basic in production making links in the achieved, Shenzhen VIP card on M2M card development of promoted role limited; issued management of needs is on existing management mode of extended and improved, belongs to support class technology requirements, While supporting the air card improve the usability of an M2M card, but still hard to open up a new scenario.

In contrast, M2M business card capacity development is weak, both technology and applied practice, progress in this area is relatively small. M2M business function has a diversity of needs, is closely related to M2M card specific scenarios, it can be said there is a lot of uncertainty, increases the difficulty of developing M2M business card, so it is hard to see for M2M business card. Need to be aware of is that if M2M card does not carry more business functions, its position in M2M may limit within the basic requirements, may play a role is gradually shrinking, and the fact that such signs have showed. In currently quite part M2M actual application in the, due to business needs simple, M2M card of function requirements compared less, only needed has basic of mirror right capacity, even in personal Terminal in of (u) SIM card in the already universal of OTA, and STK/USAT, function are not needed has, is telecommunications smart card products sequence in the most simple of category, M2M card seems to rendering out return basic mirror right function of trend. If this trend continues, serious constraints on development of M2M card, affecting its development prospects in the M2M and, therefore, it is necessary to expand the M2M business card feature of research and development, digging really to meet user needs, applying effects well M2M business card.

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