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The main features of smart card operating systems COS


Smart card capable of supporting such a complex application, its convenience and security are the basis of the operating system (Chip Operating System, hereinafter referred to as COS).

Compared with traditional PC software system, COS position in IC card system similar to Windows, UNIX operating system, commonly referred to as the card operating system. Functionally, it COS it is not a complete operating system, more akin to a monitoring program, it provides the main functionality includes the following sections.

Of IC card power-on reset

COS run directly on the chip platform, is the platform for all application code. COS programs run starting point would be the power-on reset of the card, IC card into the card reader power later, chip set automatically from proceeding to run the program, COS you need to set all the environment at this time, waiting for the application to execute.

Chip hardware drivers

Because the COS run directly on the chip platform, all parts of the chip operations are done in the COS, including memory read/write, use of arithmetic coprocessor, port monitoring, the use of random number generators, etc.

Card's external interface

Chip outward through the I/O port to send and receive data, the transmission data format must comply with the relevant international norms, based on chip's interfaces, contact and non-contact with different processes.

Card memory space for maintenance

Data from memory card space is a program of temporary space, is one of the most important resources in the IC card. Due to factors such as price, are usually very limited memory space, COS needs to provide appropriate security mechanisms to allocate memory, and distinguish between separate memory spaces protect system and application to ensure safety.

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