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RFID reader and what are the technical advantages of archives management applications


1, fast and accurate positioning: mobile inspection equipment are stored on the distribution maps of the entire registry, files made by geo-location will be instructed, quick search and archive operations.

2, easy check: using RFID inspection equipment can quickly complete the inventory of files, checking and last work, while greatly reducing librarian workloads can improve management efficiency, reducing the error rate of lending when archiving.

3, archive information and accurate record: archives by sponsor, borrower, loan, filing for systems, such as automatic registration completed, preventing manual errors and ensure the accuracy of the raw data archive management information system, and can provide real-time file status query, report printing.

Lent 4, batch files, archive registration management: records management is very tumultuous work, records management staff, looking through archives who, realizing the modernization of archives management of RFID technology, automation, increasing productivity while reducing labor Archivist to help librarians to automate batch files to lend, archive registration

5, the file RFID tags store information changes freely: RFID access large volumes of data, and store information change it easily, providing convenience to file property information management.

6, security: file managers are authenticated after they landed on RFID archives management system, have lent on archives, archiving operations, where records are illegal a to-go, the system will alarm. Label information can be encrypted.

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