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Residential status and developing trend of IC card water meter


IC card water meter has been more than 10 years old. In 10 years, IC card water meter is experienced, rapidly improved, the whole process of maturation. At present, the development of metering and settlement product with full intellectual property rights in China can be said to have reached the stage of relatively complete, basic practical, all kinds of the most mature technology in intelligent metering instruments, markets the most extensive and most simple installation, use one of the most convenient product. Its technical capabilities and features and level of economic development in the vast majority of China's adaptation, is unmatched by any other type of intelligent metering instruments. Therefore, when other types of smart metering in when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of various options, IC card water meter is already has a large user community.

First, compared with other types of smart metering, advantages and disadvantages of IC card meter at present, various types of intelligent metering instruments in the market flourish. Means of information transmission, can generally be classified as remote metering, meter IC card meter and code three. Code meter, information transmission, original, simple, users do not generally do not classify a smart meter, this article does not compare.

Big words, IC card meter has four significant advantages of intelligent metering instruments can not be replaced by other types:

1, direct user transparency. How much water is used, how many users see what time they like to see, wanted to see how long depends on how long this transparency achieved with satisfaction that direct users to feel at ease.

2, direct user involvement. When to pay, pay fees, direct users have some initiative. Less is no longer a buckle clasp, and management departments in charge; early not late is not completely passive.

3, installation convenience. It don't have to be both dedicated remote metering needs through wall hole wiring, nor like a wireless remote meter needs to adjust the focus position, or with like a remote low voltage power line carrier meter power lead connections. Basically connect the line or lines you can use.

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