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Improving the reliability of non-contact IC card operations research


Non-contact IC e-wallet functions

Value cards are typically used in small consumer, e-wallet is a typical application. E-purse operations include reading (READ), added (INCREMENT), reduction (DECREMENT), transfer (TRANSFER) and restore (RESTORE). E-purse value is usually used for storage, manufacturers also offer value manipulation functions help users easily develop. Value is also known as "value (the Value Block)" Value is 4 bytes long (including the sign bit). In order to improve error detection and correction capabilities, each Value deposited in the Value Block 3 times, as shown below:

Before you make any calculation, internal consistency check 3 Value in chips. The remaining 4 bytes (a) for any of the 8-bit address (Address) bytes, the same address into 4 (a).

Value in the Block first WRITE command writes the contents of the requested address, which can be later modified with a DECREAMENT/INCREMENT/RESTORE command. Data calculation of process as shown in Figure 2. Results temporarily into a DATA register (namely the data registers), and then use the TRANSFER command written to the registers.

In order to guarantee the right to operate on the card and ensure that data is not lost, in a Division 2 data block as an electronic wallet, values are stored, respectively, defined as the primary value (cyclophosphamide) and backup (second block), the primary and backup-backup.

First will main value block of value minus consumption amount get of value exists backup value block in the (① block → II block, using "reduction" and "transfer" operation), at main value block also didn't change; if this operation for MI_OK, is continues to following of operation will backup value block of value sent back main value block (II block → ① block), using recovery operation; if operation for MI_OK, is at ① block and II block of value equal. Each action judgment, fails to do it again. Specific software process as shown in Figure

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