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Custom-Built Disposable RFID UHF Smart PVC Wristband for Hospital


Basic Info

  • Model NO.: JLPVC006

  • Material: PVC

  • Style: Simple

  • Color: Customized

  • Wristband Material: PVC

  • Weight: 3G/PCS

  • Wipe / Write Cycle: 100,000 Times

  • Wristband Printing: Offset Printing

  • Trademark: Konglam RFID

  • Specification: 250*30*14MM

  • HS Code: 7117900000

  • Suitable for: Universal

  • Feature: Eco-Friendly, RFID

  • LOGO Type: Silkscreen

  • Product Name: RFID Wristband Jlpvc006

  • Frequency: Low,High, Ultra High Frequency

  • Data Retention: 10 Years

  • Wristband Application: Hospital, Patient Identification, Childbirth,

  • Wristband Chip: Alien H3

  • Transport Package: 500PCS / Bag, 5 Bags / Box

  • Origin: Shenzhen

Product Description

Custom-built disposable RFID UHF smart PVC wristband for Hospital



Wristband Technical Parameters:


RFID Wristband ModelRFID Wristband JLPVC006
ChipTI/S50/S70/NFC213/Ultralight C/Icode2
Material PVC
All material are eco-friendly and safe for Children, meet EU standards

(Accept custom size)

Color red, yellow, blue, green
(Both any Pantone color and multi-colors are available)

Customized logo is available;

Type of logo: Debossed, Debossed and colorfilled in,Embossed,Embossed with color,Screen Printed,CMYK printed,etc

Operating temperature-30oC-75oC

500pcs/opp bag, 5pcs/ctn,
carton size:30*30cm;

Accept customized package


Wristband Features:

1. The surface material can be based on the printing method, the surface of the object and other practical needs of PVC / coated paper to choose, the substrate can be made of white, dumb silver, silver or other colors, can also be made of color effects.

2. The surface material can be coated according to the printing method, the treated substrate surface has a good printing and printing effect, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance. Can save the printing ribbon, reduce the printer loss; with tape can show good printing effect.

3. When the label is torn off from the surface of the substrate, the pre-set text or pattern of the substrate is separated from the substrate and is completely retained on the surface of the patch. After tearing the substrate and the font can not be restored.

4. The default font in the substrate can be text, pattern, or other special edition specified by the customer. Using special version of the pattern, greatly enhance the anti-counterfeiting effect, enhance corporate image.

1- 125KHZ LF RFID chip

Production Description:
LF rfid chip (125khz low frequency rfid chip) is widely used RFID technology.The chip we embed is original from original chip company.
Each of LF rfid chip have a unique seiral number.It is great solution for access control, time attendance system which do not require very high security level.
it's integrated circuit (IC) and antenna.
Data is transferred via this antenna.

Specifications of LF RFID chip

Chip tpeMemory sizeFrequencyProtocolReadable/WritableContact/contactless
TK410064 bits125KHZISO11784/85Read onlycontactless
EM420064 bits125KHZISO11784/85Read onlycontactless
EM4305512 bits125KHZISO11784/85R/Wcontactless
EM44501K bits125KHZ R/Wcontactless
T5577363 bits125KHZ R/Wcontactless
HID 125KHZ R/Wcontactless

2- 13.56 MHZ HF RFID chip

Production Description:
HF rfid chip (13.56mhz high frequency rfid chip) is widely used RFID technology. The chip we embed is original from original chip company.

Each of HF rfid chip have a unique seiral number. It is great solution for access control, Public transportation, Electronic toll collection, Loyalty cards, Event ticketing, Car parking, Electronic ticketing in public transport, Road tolling, Airline tickets, Home automation and appliances, Consumer electronics, Healthcare, Printers, Smart meters, Library and rental services, Healthcare, Ski ticketing, Asset management and smart shelf solutions, Factory automation etc.
it's integrated circuit (IC) and antenna.
Data is transferred via this antenna.

Specifications of HF RFID chip

Chip typeMemory sizeFrequencyProtocolReadable/WritableContact/contactless
MIFARE Ultralight64 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE Ultralight C192 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 203168 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 21080 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 213180 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 215540 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 216924 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Topaz 512512 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MF1 S501024 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
F081024 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
ISSI 144391024 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
TKS501024 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MF1 S704096 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
FM11 RF324096 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
ISSI 144694096 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE DESFIRE EV1 2K2 K13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE DESFIRE EV1 4K4 K13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE DESFIRE EV1 8K8 K13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE PLUS S2K2048 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE PLUS S4K4096 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
ICODE SLI1K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless
ICODE SLI-S2K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless
ICODE SLI-X1K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless
T12 K2K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless
TAG IT2 K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless

3- 860-960 MHZ UHF RFID chip

Production Description:
UHF rfid chip (860-960mhz ultra high frequency rfid chip) is widely used RFID technology. The chip we embed is original from original chip company.

Each of HF rfid chip have a unique seiral number. It is great solution for Supply Chain Management, Distribution Logistics, Product Authentication, Asset Inventory and Tracking, Baggage Handling and Tracking, Item Level Tagging, Consumer electronics, Fashion retail, FMCG, Supply chain management, Asset management etc.
it's integrated circuit (IC) and antenna.
Data is transferred via this antenna.

Specifications of UHF RFID chip

Chip typeMemory sizeFrequencyProtocolReadble/writableContact/contactless
Alien Higgs 3512 bits860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless
Impinj Monza 4512 bits860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless
UCODE G2XM512 bits860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless
UCODE G2XL512 bits860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless
EPC96 bytes860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless

Wristband Application:

The one-time label can be widely used in airport parcels, parcel tracking, amusement park individual entertainment tickets, travel packages, beach, hospital, patient identification, childbirth, baby identification, prison management, custody management and aviation, express, Letters, warehousing and other fields.

RFID technology has been widely used in industrial automation, business automation, office or management automation and many other areas. Electronic tag as the data carrier of the article, can be very convenient through the non-contact space sensing mode, can play identification identification, item screening, information collection, tracking the role of traceability. Label part of the electronic label in the external position of the bundle, not to be tied material material, stable reading, easy to use, resistant to moisture, high temperature, can be used in harsh environments. Such as the hospital to each patient to bring this label, the patient's information are entered into the label, the nurses at the time for the hospitalized patient hit the needle, the attending physician can see on the computer, which can real-time understanding of the patient The situation has simplified the doctor to many patients


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