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Ash trading system and the smart card implementation


Smart cards have two major advantages. First security IC card security is mainly in two aspects: one is the key in IC card, the second is data encryption and decryption is conducted in IC card, passing throughout the process of encryption and decryption key that does not exist. Followed by convenience, is the best interface between man and computers and automation systems, especially the "one card" more people with a lot of convenience.

Information security issues has been far more severe than the traditional social security, secure smart card technology is an important part of the overall information security, smart cards will not solve all the security problems, with the popularity of smart card applications, it also provides banking, securities, telecommunications, Government, regulatory, taxation, transport and even military sector information portal, objectively there are all kinds of possible attacks. How to ensure the integrity of entire information transmission certainty, security, and identity of the parties to the transaction is imminent. Currently several popular COS system at home and abroad (including through the certification of domestic and foreign COS people's bank system) still contains risks and weaknesses in security technology, must be further improved and perfected, said security issues made the present application smart cards facing insurmountable obstacles.

Web e-commerce system so that customers can be extremely convenient access to business and company information, but also increases the risk of certain sensitive or valuable data from being abused. In order for the parties to the transaction have real confidence in the reliability of electronic commerce transaction, e-commerce system is very reliable technical security confidentiality must be guaranteed, in other words, must guarantee the network security of the four elements, namely transmission of information confidentiality, data integrity, non-repudiation, proof of sending information transactions, such as the original.

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