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Accurate Trace UHF RFID Animal TPU Ear Tags


Basic Info

  • Model NO.: RFID Aimal Ear tags

  • Shape: Irregular Shape

  • Power Supply Mode: Passive

  • Material: TPU

  • Protocols: ISO/IEC 18000-6c

  • Work Frequency: 902~928MHz or 865~867MHz

  • Transport Package: Paper Carton

  • Origin: China

  • Certification: SGS, RoHS, ISO, CE

  • Chip Type: Read/Write

  • Usage: Electronic Products, Bag

  • Key Word: RFID Animal Ear Tags

  • Progammable Capacity: 512bits

  • Trademark: ANG. tech

  • Specification: 100MM x 74MM

  • HS Code: 8523521000

Product Description

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ITEM NAME Accurate Trace UHF RFID Animal TPU Ear Tags
CRAFTWORKLaser Engraved Number, Chip Encoding
SIZE100MM x 74MM
CHIP MODEL Alien Higgs3
LEAD TIME7-8 working days
CHIP MODELAlien Higgs3
STORAGE512 bit
PROTOCOLEPC Class 1 Gen2,ISO/IEC 18000-6C

The RFID ear tag technology is great because:
1,the tags don't fall out very easily so they are easily retained
2,accurate trace back information can be stored and quickly accessed through the tags
3,instead of reading the ear tag numbers of every calf passing, electronic readings of the numbers can now be taken without a direct line of sight, allowing to movement of cattle to be quicker and more efficient
4,the tags help Canada to have an accurate age verification system of our cattle
5,it helps Canadian's to have full tracking of animal movement
6,they allow packing plants to information of individual animals, such as the grade of the meat to farmers. Before the RFID tags they gave back information but from the average of the herd. If you had a calf that came out with a grade of AAA beef, you may want to continue mixing certain breeds or using the same parents to produce more calves, in the hopes that they will all have the great quality beef! By being able to tell individually which calves do the best at the packing plants you can have an idea of what to mix on the farm!

calf typedeadline for fitting first tagdeadline for fitting second tagdeadline for getting passport application to BCMS
dairywithin 36 hours of birthup to 20 days from birthwithin 27 days of birth
beefup to 20 days from birthup to 20 days from birthwithin 27 days of birth
bisonwithin 9 months of birth, or before weaning, whichever is soonerwithin 9 months of birth, or before weaning, whichever is soonerwithin 7 days of birth

If an untagged animal dies before these deadlines you do not need to tag it, but you must record its date of birth and date of death against the dam number in your holding register.
What tags to use?
Each animal needs one primary and one secondary ear tag, both showing the same unique individual identification number.
The primary tag must be a yellow plastic distance-readable flag tag. It can go in either ear.
Each part of the primary tag shall only contain the information detailed below:
the logo
the country code
the herd mark
a six-digit individual animal number

Primary ear tag
The secondary tag must be in the other ear. It must have the same information as the primary tag, but may also contain management information. If you add extra management information, it should not affect or confuse the official identification information on the tag.
Secondary tags do not have to be the same as primary tags: they can be made of metal or plastic, and of a different size or style.

How to use?

1,First principle is to use an applicator with the appropriate ear tag.
2,Be sure that animal is restrained and the plier is clean.
3,The applicator should enable the operator to see the ear of an animal and should be ergonomic in order to allow applying an ear tag with a single move of the operator without an unnecessary effort.
4,The arms of the applicator may be parallel at the moment of closure, and the operator should feel the click sound.
5,The needle of the applicator provides the strength required to push the pin of the male part through the ear of the animal and into the female part. And this needle should be produced in stainless steel to exclude any risk of allergy or infection to operator and animal. When applied according to the instructions, the process of tag application has no harmful effect on the animal health.
6,Applicator producers such as A.N.G should supply replacement pins whenever nee


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